A fully digitized media agency

We make businesses grow through more efficient marketing and advertising in both digital and traditional media. We collaborate with companies and brands that consider or want to see marketing as a central part of their digital growth strategy. Our common focus is on details that create efficiency, scalability, and long-term sustainable solutions to achieve our shared impact goals.

How we work

1. Marketanalysis

Focus on understanding the market landscape and the relevance of competitors in the market. This phase involves developing a simple plan and gaining an understanding of the market.

2. Businessmodel analysis

Understanding how your business operates, which KPIs are important, and how they should be adapted for the best results.

3. Channel analysis

One of the most important aspects is understanding where to be and be visible. We assist you in identifying and developing various materials and strategies for the channels that suit you best.

4. Activation

Focus on understanding the market landscape and the relevance of competitors in the market. This is the phase where we develop a simple plan and gain an understanding of the market.

Forget expensive agency fees for workgroups and time you don’t need.

We create, drive, and develop tailored teams of marketing and media specialists that complement your expertise in media, marketing, technology, design, data, and analysis. You choose the scope that suits you best at a fixed monthly cost. Examples of roles we deliver on-site include CCO, CMO, COO, and CDO roles, digital specialist roles in SEO, SEM, SoMe, operational marketing roles, business analysis, media planners, and project managers.

Flexible monthly subscriptions at a fixed price.

Perfekt för dig som vill börja eller skala upp din verksamhet


En innovativ rådgivningstjänst som månadsabonnemang. En personlig medierådgivare och digital specialist som stöttar dig som beslutsfattare och ledare i arbetet med att planera, köpa, utvärdera och effektivisera din annonsering.


Från 9 900 kr/månad ex moms

För dig som vill effektivisera och optimera annonseringen


En skräddarsydd arbetsgrupp av marknads- och mediespecialister. Med ett flexibelt abonnemang till fast pris säkerställer vi att du har rätt kompetens att växa din affär genom såväl digitala som traditionella medier.


Be om offert

What does our customer say?

RelaxAd helped us reduce our conversion costs by approximately 30%, enabling us to increase our budget by 15% and boost our lead intake by 100% compared to 2022.


With RelaxAd, we can easily control and evaluate all our digital marketing in one tool. We can adjust bids, budgets, and campaign content in the same simple way across all advertising networks.